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The Touchless Boat Cover is the worlds fastest and easiest boat cover and protection system. Our fully automated system operates independently of your lift. Simply push a button and the cover smoothly lowers over your boat or pontoon.

Not only is the Touchless Boat Cover covenant and attractive, but it also provides superior protection by helping prevent mildew, eliminating sun damage to your boats interior and exterior… securing it from birds and debris. It's the most effective way to protect your boating investment to ensure its value for years to come.

Installed on a pole lift

The Touchless Boat Cover can be installed on a pole lift, under an existing roof or over a boat slip

Installed over a boat slip ( No Lift )

This state-of-the-art boat cover system is made of the highest quality materials and is custom-made to fit you boat / pontoon and your lift system.
Installed under an existing roof

Features & Benefits
* Heavy-duty galvanized frames
* Highest quality marine fabric
* Breathable mesh strip allows air flow
* Stainless steel hardware
* Large color selections
* Five Year Limited Warranty
* Wireless Remote Control
* No need to remove accessories
* Available in Two Tone color option


Touchless Boat Cover Cut-A-Way View

Authorized Dealer for Lake Norman and Mountain Island Lake

Pat or Mike Eaton
828-478-2043 or 828-478-3047

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