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With just a touch of a button…your boat is covered in seconds!!! Wow! Who would have thought that after years of covering up our boat with a snap-on "fitted" tarp that there could be an easier way. Enter Pat and Mike Eaton with the touchless boat cover. Jack and I met them at the at the mid-winter boat show in Charlotte. We had just bought some lake front property and were in the process of building a boat dock. In the past, our vessel was either in a rented boat slip or marina. Putting on the cover was really difficult at times due to inclement weather or the boat cover just not cooperating. With a new dock in place, we needed (and wanted) some ease in docking the boat and getting it covered quickly. The Eaton's came out and measured. Well, let me tell you…our cover was installed in one weekend, it works perfectly and easily. The cover has been a blessing and so have Pat and Mike. They are professional and "ready to roll" with the installation. You could not ask for a better combo. Thanks, guys

Tricia and Jack Clark
Lake Norman


I have had my cover for two seasons now with no downtime whatsoever! It is the best investment that I put on my dock, and I am confident that the money I invested into the Touchless Cover will be paid back when I sell my boat to upgrade. It is the absolute best! Pat and Mike have been phenomenal in their service, explaining the cover and just following up to make sure that we are satisfied. Thank you Lake Norman Touchless Boat Covers!

Sincerely Steve Rotman

Steve Rotman
American Die & Mold, Inc.
Mooresville N.C.


Pat and Mike

The Touchless Boat Cover is by far the best method I have found to protect my boat from the elements. Other cover that I tried in the past were either too cumbersome to use or they protected my boat from the rain, but not from fading in the sun. I find we use our boat more since it is so easy to take the cover off and on. To get maximum benefit from the Touchless Cover, it is critical it is installed properly. Pat and Mike Eaton came to my rescue when I discovered that some shortcuts were taken in my installation. Even though I purchased it from another dealer, they did not hesitate to correct the problems. The fact that I didn't buy my cover from them has not stopped them from providing excellent service. From the first time I spoke to them about fixing my cover problems it was obvious they knew what they were talking about. Watching them address my original installation problems only confirmed this. My only regret is I did not purchase this excellent cover from the Eaton's in the first place.

Norm Jungmann
Lake Norman


What do you want in service? Someone who does their job, takes your money and you never here from them again OR someone who does their job and (maybe even months later) just stops by your dock to check your cover system to make sure it is working and looks as it was intended. Well, don't be surprised if Lake Norman Touchless Boat Covers does just that…
An extremely satisfied customer

Clark Moyer
Lake Norman

Authorized Dealer for Lake Norman and Mountain Island Lake

Pat or Mike Eaton
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